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Claude Fauchère was born in Paris in 1936. This artist has the distinction of graduating from both the College des Arts Appliqués and the École Supèrieure Nationale des Maitres des Arts.

Fauchère's vibrant portrayals of everyday life in France have elevated his status to a national treasure. From street markets to romantic café scenes, Fauchère's art captures the essence of beautiful France.

Fauchère has won a number of awards including the Gold and Silver Medals of French Artists, the Medal of the General Counsel of Seine-Saint-Denis and the Medal of the City of Paris. His art has been shown at numerous exhibitions in his native France, including Galerie Maig Davaud, Galerie Mars in Paris, and the Galerie Saint-Hubert in Lyons. In addition, Fauchère work has been acquired by the Republic of France, the city of Puteaux, and the city of Hauts-de-Seine. Works by Fauchère can be found at museums and private collections around the world.

Claude Fauchere

Lady In White


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Notre Dame


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