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Jorge Segrelles was born in 1953, in an industrial town 30 miles inland from Alicante, Spain. When he was young, it was apparent his talent would lead him to a career in the arts.

Segrelles is focused now on creating dazzling paintings with huge skies and endless shores. Every work possesses a different atmosphere depending on the subtle colorations of the cloud formations, the surf and sand. It is apparent that Segrelles has found inspiration from the impressionists. Segrelles paints brilliant and understated renderings; allowing nature, the changing weather, and the time of day to dictate the effects.

The extreme perspective this artist presents, invites the viewer into each idyllic vista. There is always a composed scene in the far off distance drawing us in; a boat washed up by the tide, a family, a strolling couple with their dog, or toddlers playing at the shoreline. The result is a portfolio of works that reflect a profound serenity and a dreamlike quality.

Segrelless had exhibited in galleries in the United States and Europe, in Spain in particular where his work is well established.

Jorge Segrelles



Beach Scene


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